Create Unique Junk Journal Pages with These 20 Must-Have Materials!

Create Unique Junk Journal Pages with These 20 Must-Have Materials!

Are you looking for junk journal ideas, materials, supplies, or ways to make your own DIY creative junk journals? Look no further! From cardboard to vellum, newspaper to aluminum foil, and sticker sheets to watercolor paper, there are countless materials that can be used to create unique and beautiful junk journal pages. With these 20 materials, you'll have all the supplies you need to make amazing and inspiring junk journal pages. Get ready to explore the possibilities of making beautiful and creative junk journals!


1. Cardboard

Use cardboard as a place to add tags and ephemera. Or use corrugated cardboard to add texture to a page.



Create backgrounds and patterns with fabric. Use fabric scrap to create a cluster that you can glue onto a page.


3. Cardstock

Create die cuts and embellishments with cardstock. Use scraps to make tags and pockets. Use decorative cardstock as page backgrounds.


4. Tracing Paper

Make overlays or trace out designs with tracing paper. Create layered pages with tracing paper.


5. Kraft Paper

Create rustic backgrounds with kraft paper. Stamp various designs on kraft paper for a vintage look.


6. Plain Paper

Take notes, write stories, or make lists on plain paper.


7. Acetate

Make patterned backgrounds with acetate.


8. Newspaper

Add a vintage touch to your page background with old newspaper clippings.


9. Tissue Paper

Create delicate patterns with tissue paper. Crumble up tissue paper to add texture to your page.


10. Wallpaper

Create colorful backgrounds using wallpaper scraps. Fussy cut or die cut shapes out of old wallpaper to use on your pages.


11. Butcher Paper

Add texture and volume with butcher paper.


12. Vellum

Create windows or frames with vellum. Vellum is also great for creating layered pages with a semi-translucent look.


13. Gift Wrapping Paper

Embellish your journal pages with gift wrapping paper. Recycle the gift wrapping paper from your gifts and create layouts with them. If you have a large enough piece, you can use it as a page or page background.


14. Watercolor Paper

Create colorful backgrounds with watercolor paper. Watercolor paper also add a nice textured look and feel to your pages.


15. Coffee Filters

Add unique texture with coffee filters. Stamp the filters with your favorite designs.


16. Aluminum Foil

Make metallic accents with aluminum foil. If you have an embossing machine, use your favorite embossing folders with aluminum foil.


17. Touch ‘n Foam

Decorate and add a unique textures look with Touch ‘n Foam.


18. Book Pages

Reuse old book pages for matting and collage. Die cut book pages for a unique look.


19. Chalkboard Paper

Use chalkboard paper to write or draw.


20. Sticker Sheets

Add stickers for a custom look to match your journal or journal page theme.


Final Thoughts

With all these amazing materials, you can easily and quickly create a unique and personalized junk journal. Whether you’re looking to document special memories or just want to relax and express your creativity, these materials are an excellent way to make beautiful and meaningful junk journals. So get creative and start making your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece!


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