Welcome to The Journal Babes! I'm Wendy, a bookbinder, artist, junk journal keeper, and creative at heart. I always have so many ideas for expressing myself creatively, but my brain has other plans, like overthinking everything. That's where journaling comes in! Aside from journaling every day, I also enjoy handcrafting journals, mainly junk journals and mixed media art journals. I personally use journaling as a tool in my own mental health and self care. My passion and mission is to inspire and motivate other women to also implement creative journaling as a form of self care and wellness. I first started officially journaling around 2009 when I found the journal prompts that a therapist once gave me. I bought myself a cute journal and put everything into it. I tried everything from free writing, answering various types of journal prompts, documenting anxiety episodes, scrapbooking, drawing, junk journaling, gratitude lists, bucket lists, fuck it lists, angry venting, affirmations, and quotes lists.  Eventually my one journal turned into two, then three, and so on.  Journaling has allowed me to gain self-awareness and it is my creative outlet. It gives me a safe space for expressing myself without judgement. A sense of calm comes over me when I am journaling.   I created The Journal Babes because I want to motivate other women to also experience the inner peace and self-growth that I have experienced through journaling. Here I will be sharing ideas, tips, suggestions, reviews, tutorials, etc. regarding anything and everything related to creative journaling. This is a heart centered safe space. I aim to cultivate compassion, learning, and community. I hope you will stay a while and journal with me.
  Creativity is my passion, journaling is my therapy!